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Stop Smoking

  • Tried other methods of quitting and been unsuccessful?
  • Don’t want to be lectured on the dangers and medical issues of smoking?
  • Are you ready to quit smoking?
  • Really ready?

Then I can help!

I can help you change your sub-conscious behaviours, the way you think about smoking, in an easy and natural way.

One client had been smoking for 50 years and has now successfully out grown it like an old pair of shoes, discarded and left behind for a new clean and shiny pair.

“5star Thank you so much for all your help in helping me to stop smoking I will definitely be recommending you to others. Best regards Maureen Cosgrove”

COMMITMENT is the key!


My Qualifications include BA (Hons), Hypnotherapy Practitioner's Diploma (HPD), and a Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis (DipCAH). I'm also a member of the NCH (National Council of Hypnotherapy) and I'm also a Sheila Granger approved Practitioner.

I am still feeling well and honestly don't know why I didn't get help sooner as December (my worst month) is now just a blur. I have actually been sick since we last spoke and although a little traumatic leading up once I was sick my mind and body instantly accepted it and I dealt with it extremely well.

It was much needed and made me realise that I can survive it! I am now much more relaxed on hygiene and feel comfortable eating out and using public transport, I am sleeping much better too and starting to enjoy work again.

Your help, teachings, support and advice has been invaluable and my new toolkit is brimming with hints to instantly stop panic in its track. A heartfelt thank you, I couldn't have done it without you.

Bill - Devises
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