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  • Endorsed by Lorraine Kelly of ITV

20th July 2018, Swindon, United Kingdom – Mindful of the unprecedented heatwave this summer, hypnotherapist, international speaker and author, Helen Breward, is slashing the price of her book “My Menopause, My Way”, in a bid to offer a practical solution and comfort to the many women suffering “a double whammy” in this extreme heat. Having hit the menopause early after a sudden hysterectomy in 2012, Helen discovered she could drastically reduce menopausal hot flushes through self-hypnosis, which led to writing the book. This “One-Day Only Flash Sale” is on Wednesday 25th July between one minute past midnight and 23:59pm. See www.helenbreward.com The paperback drops from £12.97 to £6.50, while the Kindle version is available for £4.50 instead of £9.97.

Reviews on Amazon give Helen’s book a 5-star rating and many readers appreciate her holistic approach to managing the Menopause through visualisation techniques, self-hypnosis and an overall healthy diet. The icing on the cake was receiving a letter from ITV’s Lorraine Kelly. Lorraine says, “Thanks for your book “My Menopause, My Way” - full of common sense and good advice!” Helen was thrilled Lorraine had taken the time to review her book.

The average age for women to experience menopause symptoms is 51. Symptoms usually last two years but some women experience symptoms for ten years. According to Julieann Roberts, Editor of MenopauseHealthMatters.com 'My Menopause, My Way' navigates the choppy waters of menopause underpinned by mystical storytelling. Add to this, succinct, practical advice about how to build a solid foundation on coping with menopause and you have the perfect menopause handbook. Key learning points at the end of each chapter, space for your own thoughts at the end book AND access to a free hypnosis recording download - what more can you ask for?'

While hot flushes are the butt of many comedians’ jokes, it’s no laughing matter to those who suffer the debilitating effects, especially when they coincide with a British heatwave! After discovering she could reduce hot flushes through self-hypnosis, Helen’s personal observations were borne out by Professor Gary Elkins of The Baylor Institute, USA, who conducted clinical trials in 2012. So far, Helen has trained hypnotherapists in 8 countries to help ladies overcome or reduce their menopause symptoms through hypnosis, which is an ideal solution for women who can’t use medication or choose not to. Helen says “The NHS is 70 years old and when we get ill nowadays, most people automatically reach for tablets. We don’t realise how powerful a resource our minds are. Self-hypnosis allows people to take back control of their bodies without the unpleasant side effects of medication.”

Originally a teacher, Helen retrained as an accredited hypnotherapist in 2011. Having spoken at international conferences several times, in June Helen spoke at the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association conference, Daytona, USA. To get your copy of “My Menopause, My Way” at an unbelievable half-price, why not schedule a reminder in your diary and order your copy at any time night or day on Wed 25th July? Please let your friends know about this self-help book at an incredible half-price. But remember it’s only for one day. See www.helenbreward.com for details. If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can transform your life and help you take back control over stress and anxiety, weight, fears and phobias, call +44 (0)7561 544511 to book a FREE 30-minute consultation with Helen.

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Editor’s Notes:

Helen Breward & Pebbles Hypnotherapy

Helen Breward is a fully accredited Hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy (DipCAH). Helen is a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

In 2014, she developed the Menopause Relief Programme to relieve hot flushes using hypnotherapy as an alternative to traditional medicine. She has licensed this material and so far to date, has trained around 50 hypnotherapists to deliver it in 8 countries; the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Romania and most recently, Belgium. Helen is also gaining a reputation as an International Speaker. She has spoken at Hypnotherapy conferences in Canada, the US and the UK. During 2018 she will speak twice in the USA; at Daytona in May and Las Vegas in August.

Helen set up Pebbles Hypnotherapy in 2011 and has treated hundreds of clients since, helping them transform their lives by overcoming fears and phobias, smoking, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), low self-confidence and lack of motivation. She is a Sheila Grainger approved practitioner and trains others in the use of the Virtual Gastric Band, which assists with weight loss and weight management. Having been a Primary School Teacher for 13 years, Helen has an in-depth understanding of how exam stress can adversely affect performance, which informs her treatment of exam stress management, stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Through Skype, Helen is able to work with clients as far away as Australia. https://www.helenbreward.com/

Hypnotherapy aids “Sugar-Free February” Fundraiser for Wiltshire Air Ambulance

7th Feb 2018, Royal Wootton Bassett, United Kingdom - Hypnotherapist Helen Breward from Royal Wootton Bassett, is engaging in a spot of self-hypnosis to drop a dress size AND raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance by cutting out refined sugars from her diet throughout February. Helen’s fundraising target is £2,000 to go towards the £3.25 million air ambulance running costs each year.

Helen was inspired to raise funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance after a BNI breakfast visit to their current airbase in Devizes last December. She met the crew, saw plans and a model for their new airbase at Semington, and heard how their speedy attendance at serious accident scenes can turn life and death situations around. The Bell 429 helicopter is equipped with the same kit as a land ambulance and extra specialist equipment. It’s like bringing a mobile A&E to people to give them the best medical care possible in places which are inaccessible by road. Helen was deeply impressed and says “The crew are such amazing people and so dedicated. It’s very humbling to visit them and we’re so lucky to have the Wiltshire Air Ambulance just in case we ever need it.”

Helen may have an added incentive because she is in demand as an international conference speaker. She will speak at the International Medical and Dental Association (IMDA – AKA “The Hypno Expo”) Conference in Daytona, USA in May, and again in Las Vegas in August. Her specialist subject is the “Menopause Hypnotherapy Programme” which she has developed herself. She is writing a book on the subject due for launch in May so she’ll want to look her best.

Helen runs Pebbles Hypnotherapy and Training and has helped hundreds of clients with weight loss, fear of flying and giving up smoking. Helen believes in helping people transform their lives and says “Like many people over Christmas I indulged in a few too many chocolates and rich food. I want to get back to healthier eating to shed some extra weight, so what better way to do it than raise funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance? This has given me the added motivation I needed”. Helen will cut out foods that have refined sugar added like cake, chocolate and ice cream. Surprisingly, a lot of bread has sugar added too, so the challenge will involve reading the ingredients lists on food labels carefully. She adds “This is going to be a real challenge, especially not being able to have my favourite ice-cream! I will be using my skills to hypnotise myself to reduce the appeal of sugar-filled foods that make us pile on the weight and fat”.

Valerie Whistler is the WAA Partnerships Coordinator and met Helen Breward at a BNI business networking event in Swindon. Valerie comments “We’re so grateful to Helen for choosing to support us and wish her well in her sugar free challenge. The funds she raises will help to keep our helicopter and crew flying and saving lives. We are a charity and we rely almost entirely on public donations to raise the £3.25 million a year we need to keep our essential service operational.”

If you would like to support Helen’s fundraising for the WAA’s life-saving work, go to https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/HelenBreward to donate. Finally, Helen is offering to help other would be fundraisers achieve their fundraising and weight-loss goals. She says “If anyone else fancies fundraising for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance by taking part in “Sugar-Free February” I can supply a hypnosis recording to help them help themselves. Call 01793 852242 or email helenbreward@pebbleshypnotherapy.com

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My Qualifications include BA (Hons), Hypnotherapy Practitioner's Diploma (HPD), and a Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis (DipCAH). I'm also a member of the NCH (National Council of Hypnotherapy) and I'm also a Sheila Granger approved Practitioner.

I am still feeling well and honestly don't know why I didn't get help sooner as December (my worst month) is now just a blur. I have actually been sick since we last spoke and although a little trauma
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