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My Menopause (About the book)

My Menopause, My Way, how to take control of menopause and live life your way, by Helen Breward is a delightful book full of stories, information and practical activities to help you through your menopause. If you want to take control of YOUR menopause, this is a must-read book for you.

My Menopause, My Way shows you how to:

  • Conquer your Menopause, and live life to the fullest your way.
  • Rediscover yourself and your body.
  • Learn simple lifestyle tweaks that will make a difference to you.
  • See things differently feeling fulfilled and blessed.
  • Appreciate the smaller things in life.
  • Free Hypnosis download to help you.
  • Work out your 3-step plan for controlling your menopause and living life your way.

Top Tip – Know your own Triggers

I’ve lost count of the times ladies have sat in my consulting room and assured me that there are no triggers. So, I wait for that light bulb moment that invariably comes, usually several weeks later. You see, part of it is recognising those things that trigger a hot flush. The point of this book is to help you become more aware of your changing body, its needs and embrace a new chapter in your life. To live life your way.


My Qualifications include BA (Hons), Hypnotherapy Practitioner's Diploma (HPD), and a Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis (DipCAH). I'm also a member of the NCH (National Council of Hypnotherapy) and I'm also a Sheila Granger approved Practitioner.

Thank you so much for treating KB at such short notice. The results have been nothing short of miraculous and have put an end to weeks of worry. After just one treatment he has been able to return ful
– SB Swindon